DREAMTIME HEALING USING HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is an advanced, unique, and effective healing modality. It is the culmination of over 50 years of research and practice by its founder, Steve Richards, an aboriginal descendant. Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest on the planet, and with over 60,000 years of living in harmony with nature, the universe, and its laws, they understood that everything in nature is alive. Everything that is alive has a universal life force known as a Spirit. Taking on no religious, new age, or dogmatic connotations, Spirit is simply the life-force that animates all things, which can be communicated with regardless of the physical form it inhabits. This modality was created with the knowledge of the universal laws of LORE that govern this reality, and the understanding that everything is alive. Without exception, everything that happens in our lives has a cause. The universe, and spirit, is constantly working to reinstate balance to all the creations that exist within it. We are free-will beings and when we act or create in a way that causes imbalance, our creation will be folded back in on us through the cycles of time until we can come into harmony with our creation. Once the cause of the effect is brought back into balance, whatever suffering that creation was bringing you, will cease.


Understanding Holographic Kinetics requires you to expand your perspective and ways of thinking beyond the "mainstream". Long ago, we all used to have the innate knowledge and connection with our Spirit, which is what we truly are beyond the body and the ego mind. Our connection to our spirit, and the knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment that came with it, was systematically severed from us, so that we could more easily be controlled by power structures such as government, religions, etc. This is why the "old ways" of aboriginal and indigenous cultures were forbidden in recent history, and why the genocide of those cultures were so severely carried out. Steve Richards carried this ancient knowledge through, and spent most of his life researching and developing Holographic Kinetics to not only reinstate this knowledge, but evolve it into a modern and effective approach that anyone can use. You are spirit, and spirit is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Once you and your spirit identify what the original cause of the effect of your issue is, the old dimension of time can be cleared and changed. This will put you on a different and more positive time track for the future.


Many are beginning to see and realize that linear time is an illusion of perception. The past, present, and future all exist simultaneously and when one is changed, so do the others. Advanced quantum scientific studies are beginning to validate this truth, and it will empower us to understand the cycles of time and how they effect us. Time moves in cycles. What has happened before will happen again, if, and only if, the time track is not changed. This why people keep experiencing the same issues and negative patterns over and over, and don't understand why. They are stuck in time. When they look back on why and how this was set up, it can be changed, and they can finally move forward in time again to evolve. The universe does not care how long it takes you to evolve, it only wants you to understand your creations. All of our creations are folded back in on us for us to experience, which is why living your life with integrity is important.


Issues can come from any trauma, thoughts or emotions that we have locked in from this life, a past life, or through the genetic hereditary line. Recent scientific discoveries have also validated that we carry the traumas of our ancestors through our genetic blood line DNA. Until this is cleared from our cellular structure we will continue these repeated patterns. Once the cause is identified and cleared, it can be replaced for a positive outcome for the present and the future.


The external visible world is inextricably connected to our invisible internal created realities. All of life is manifested from the invisible first. The external visible world is a reflection of what is created within. The constant free-flowing kinetic energy in the universe is captured by thought and intention, and then takes on form by flowing into the holographic visible external world.  All imbalances occur in our invisible internal created realities first, and then transmute into the external visible world as an effect of the internal imbalance. When a trauma or imbalance occurs it can cause the energy to become trapped potential energy, which is represented by the effect of the issue we are experiencing. By accessing the internal hyperspace and life force (spirit) we can correct the invisible original cause of the visible effect affecting us. When all dimensions contributing to the issue have been changed, this can bring permanent resolution to the issue because the root cause of the internal realities have been addressed directly.

Holographic Kinetics also recognizes that this is a multidimensional universe, and we are multi-dimensional beings. As humans we only have the ability to see and perceive with our senses an extremely small fraction of the potential visible light spectrum. There are so many other forms of life in this reality that we may not see, but they still can and do have a profound impact on our lives. Some of these life forms and entities have the potential to create chaos in our lives if we do not understand how to deal with them. Holographic Kinetics provides techniques for dealing with the implications and interference that these beings sometimes cause. Due to drugs, alcohol, trauma, agreements, or reciprocal exchange of energy (killing), animal or human spirits, or other interdimensional forces can enter the body of a person. That person can take on trauma or manipulation that belongs to another, creating any number of issues. Using Holographic Kinetics, we can see if any of these spirits or interdimensional beings are connected to an issue, and if so, they can be easily cleared.


This modality is in large part about taking responsibility for your creations. We are responsible for our thoughts, words, deeds, and actions. Some people are not yet ready to take responsibility for their creations and want somebody else to do it for them. I can only assist you if you are ready and willing to look at your own creation. Your spirit is there for you, and follows the first and most important law of intent. Your spirit will always respect your free-will choice to believe what you want to believe, so if you come with a rigid and skeptical mind set, this will override your spirit, as the intent is to prove to yourself that something doesn't work, and you will create that reality.


Holographic Kinetics was recently recognized and published three times in a global scientific peer reviewed journal for alternative complementary integrative medicine. The first case study offers a detailed analysis of autism and the effects of Holographic Kinetics in an autistic child with extreme aggressive behavioral disorder. Despite the expectation by numerous doctors, teachers, and peers, that he would need to be sent to a psychiatric hospital, after 4 sessions he had a near complete turn around to normal and happy behavior. The second case study is a detailed analysis of how HK is a non-invasive holistic sustainable solution to the current international mental health crisis of the military veterans, and how one such military veteran diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and suicidal impulses, experienced complete healing and resolution of those symptoms after one session of Holographic Kinetics. The third case study offers a detailed analysis of Holographic Kinetics applied to a patient with drug addictions and violent behaviors with a criminal history. Holographic Kinetics now has over 1400 students and practitioners in over 42 countries across the world. Although most are unpublished, we have thousands of case studies demonstrating how powerful and effective this modality is. Steve Richards has turned around some of the most violent criminal offenders in the system, and gone into communities that have had suicide rates of 3 a week, and turned them around to zero using this work.


For those ready to acknowledge and connect with their spirit and take control of their life, the results speak for themselves. Mainstream society has us clinging to practices and belief systems that are so far outdated and ineffective, I am often more than perplexed as to why so many continue to use them. Many rely on your dependency of them for their income, so you spend years talking in circles (trapped in time) about your problems, but never moving forward or feeling any different. Even worse, is the over reliance on dangerous medications that significantly disrupt your natural healing mechanisms, and open your energy field up to external life forms that make the problem worse. Unlike so many other modalities, Holographic Kinetics is about releasing you from dependencies. Provided you don't re-create it through other means, the change is permanent and you don't have to keep coming back for the same issues. You feel free to move forward and evolve.