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Ceth Ranney Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

My journey into the alternative healing arts began in 2005, with the onset of a severe digestive illness, called ulcerative colitis. This event was a catalyst to the beginning of my spiritual awakening and my tireless pursuit into the truth of our existence. I spent years researching day and night. I began my exploration into spiritual philosophy, healing arts, health, nutrition, and the underlying laws and structures that govern our universe and our world.

I learned numerous healing modalities over the years, including licensed massage therapy, and certification as a clinical hypnotherapist. Despite all my time and effort, something still didn't feel right within. With occasional relief here and there, I realized I still felt the same, and had many negative patterns repeating over and over.

To my good fortune, a friend of mine recommended I go for a session with a Holographic Kinetics practitioner. Steve Richards, the creator of the Holographic Kinetics modality, was teaching a course of training in my city, and I booked a session with him. Despite years of experience in the alternative healing arts prior to this session, I was astonished at all the issues I was able to address and clear in one session. I still remember getting off the table feeling like I was floating on air.

A couple years later I spent some time in Florida, and went for a series of sessions with another practitioner. With each session I felt more clear, light, and peaceful. I then noticed nine years of intermittent suicidal ideations had vanished. Depression, anger, and other negative emotional patterns were just gone. With more work down the track, the anxiety I struggled with regularly became significantly reduced, and many of the triggers to anxiety were gone. Over the years of giving and receiving this work one of the major differences I have noticed is I am empowered and calm in the face of challenges that arise in life. We are human, and will inevitably experience difficult emotions from time to time, but they have become significantly less intense, and shorter in duration. HK has taught me to take complete responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and life. I feel like me again. Nothing compares to reconnecting with your Spirit, the true essence of who you are. The more I cultivate this relationship, the more empowered I feel in navigating my life and this world.

To me, Holographic Kinetics, based primarily upon Aboriginal Lore, was the answer to so many unanswered questions I had about how the universe works, and why so many other approaches to healing and manifesting just were not giving lasting results. My favorite aspect of this modality is helping people see the connection between what they have set up and created in the past with what they are experiencing in their lives now today. Once this is identified, it can be changed for a more positive outcome for the future.  I am very excited as a practitioner of this modality to be able to assist others in clearing issues that are holding them back, and making positive changes for their future.


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