Mind, Body, Spirit

When Steve Richards initially created Holographic Kinetics, he did so with mental illness in mind as its primary application. It has proven itself to be extremely effective for permanently clearing the grand majority of mental illnesses. However, over the course of over 50 years of research, it has proven itself to be effective and applicable to a wide range of other areas. Some issues such as physical illness can be much trickier than others, and every person and issue is different. Some purely physical issues have physical causes (toxicity/injury) and require physical solutions as well. It really depends on what the originating cause is. The modality is continually evolving to encompass new areas. The key is not to make any assumptions about where and why you think an issue is effecting you. Once you get on the table, your spirit will show us. Some issues can be cleared in one session, and other more deeply rooted ones may require multiple sessions to unfold and change all the dimensions at play.

Any adult, youth, or child, effected by the following issues can greatly benefit from Holographic Kinetics sessions:

  • Suicidal ideations or self-harm

  • Emotional or compulsive disorders

  • Anger, guilt, or violence issues

  • Voices in the head

  • Depression, anxiety, fear, or shame

  • Phobias

  • Limiting subconscious beliefs 

  • Marital or relationship issues

  • Domestic violence

  • Weight issues

  • Insecurities

  • Pain, anguish or trauma

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Drug or alcohol dependency issues

  • Money, abundance, financial issues

  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

  • Repeat offenders or stuck in time

  • Paranormal or Interdimensional Interference

  • Illness

  • Hereditary Issues

  • Career/Business

  • Addictions – Food, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling

  • Attachments

  • Issues with children, animals and pets

  • Sleep Issues, nightmares, night terrors, sleep paralysis, insomnia

  • Many more issues can be helped