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Interdimensional Interference

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After several years of practicing this rewarding modality, I have decided to add a section here specifically addressing Interdimensional Interference. The following is based on the extremely valuable teachings of Aboriginal descendant Steve Richards, who is the founder and creator of the Holographics Kinetics organization, as well as my own personal experiences through years of exploring spiritual and esoteric philosophy and healing modalities. Cultural programming around this subject has greatly distorted the truth around incorporeal forms of life in our reality and the effect it can have on us, our mental health, and our world. 


As human beings, most people only have the ability to physically perceive about 1/10th of a billionth of the potential light spectrum that exists in our universe. The human eye can only see between 430-770 Thz, and ours ears only 20hz - 20khz. For so many, "seeing is believing", and yet how much of our universe is imperceivable to our senses, and assumed not to exist? Virtually every spiritual and religious tradition since the dawn of time has awareness that there are invisible life forms that exist in our reality that can have an effect on us, sometimes in very negative ways.  


I am writing this to shine some light on this elusive subject for any potential clients that are interested in clearing their issues using HK. I have found lack of awareness and understanding about Interdimensionals to be one of the bigger road blocks on the path to healing, empowerment, and evolution using this work. As I share and acknowledge what I have learned through Steve Richards, and my experiences with HK, I want to be clear that none of this comes from a place of judgement. This universe has many paths to explore on our journey through octaves and densities of spirit, and as always, it is our free-will choice to pursue certain experiences. While I am willing to work with almost anyone who genuinely is seeking healing and growth, I share this as a caveat for those who may not be ready for important aspects of this work.


Our society has been systematically programmed to take collective belief around non-physical entities in two equally disempowering and distorted directions. The biggest one is simply that they do not exist. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist". With awareness and knowledge comes empowerment. Without understanding of how these things operate, and the rules of the game, it is quite easy to fall into entrapments that give them more power. The other direction we have been programmed by is the idea that the paranormal is to be greatly feared and avoided (Movies and TV have played a big role in this), which equally tricks us into giving them more power over us. Neither of these are true. Your spirit is a very powerful being, and these life forms only have the power over you that you give them, which is usually due to a lack of awareness and knowledge.


Think of your physical body like a bus. This is your vehicle that you use to drive your way through life. There are many life forms on the bus that we have picked up through many life times. Ideally, your spirit is in the driver's seat, in control of thoughts, actions, and decisions. But when we give up control of the driver's seat through one of many various ways, one of the "passengers" will be happy to take up the wheel and take it for a ride. There is a huge sliding scale of influence they have over different people, from very subtle negative thoughts, to emotional impulses, and in rare cases, all the way to full blown possession. Everyone has had moments in their life where they felt like they were not in control of themselves. Why did I say that? Why did I do that? Listen to the stories of repeat criminal offenders and how when they have a few drinks "something takes over". Or Schizophrenics with voices in their head telling them to hurt themselves. Many aspects of mainstream society have no idea what causes these situations, let alone how to clear them. Once you start to clear them from the field (which is easily accomplished using HK), it becomes easier to see and understand how they operate within us, as well as identifying situations where they are running other people.


This is a deep and complex subject, but it goes all the way back to the origins of humanity. As difficult as it is for many to believe, our world is run from another dimension. This is because these interdimensional life forms manipulate and run people internally; especially those who control and run our world. Through various avenues of ancient historical study, as well as thousands of sessions and regressions with different clients, we can see that many agreements with these beings go back hundreds of thousands of years. Rituals and other agreements of entrapment allow them into the field of a person in exchange for something (usually power). These agreements are valid through time (until you go back to the original agreement and change it), and are carried forth life-time after life-time, still affecting the person, often without even knowing. For so many people that are living with unresolved trauma and interdimensional interference, it's all they have ever known. They are so used to it that they don't even realize it's not them, and that they can change.


These rituals are still performed today by the world's elite, and some have even spoken out about it, and the process of selling your soul in a blood oath for power, fame, and money. Because they have had such a long period of time to take up positions and organizations of power, and establish secret societies, they have carefully crafted our world into a structure where it is very difficult to get into any position of power and influence in the world without an agreement of entrapment, allowing Interdimensional Interference into the field where it can manipulate for its own agenda. Many people in the entertainment industry, politics, finance, etc., must go through initiations and rituals in order to enter these secret societies and maintain that power. Many people blame the state of chaos and corruption in our world on incompetent politicians, but until you expand your awareness and begin to understand the interdimensional component, you will not truly understand why things are the way they are and the larger agenda at play. This world is run from another dimension, and they have had many thousands of years to systematically set up the matrix control system we now have on our world. They have left no stone unturned, and there is a recipe for every mind set to keep you stuck and giving your power away to forces outside of you. 


It is important to understand that it is very difficult for most people to discern their own thoughts vs. manipulations from something else. These beings exist interdimensionally, and therefore they have access to and understand a person's individual psyche very intimately. It is easy then to use the right thoughts, triggers, reactions, motivations, to manipulate. The more unconscious a person is, the easier they are to manipulate.


Our spirit evolves up through the octaves and densities. Most ancient indigenous cultures were aware that everything is alive with consciousness and spirit. As a spirit, when we enter the physical molecular model world, we start at the bottom of the firmament, the gases, into flora and fauna, minerals, up into different species of plants, insects, then animals, up into human, and whatever comes thereafter. During our human experience of evolving up through the densities of experience we start at the first density, where we are easy prey, gullible, and not self-aware. An unconscious person is a very easy vessel for other dimensions to enter. After evolving up to the next level and gaining minimal awareness we are still very easy to manipulate. Without awareness of free-will or choice, other dimensional beings can easily experience using the vessel with their will. At the next level, aware of being aware, and free-will choices, but unaware of the manipulations of others or other dimensions, these beings must learn to be cunning and set up games of entrapment to remain in control. This is when they use the bodies they control to intimidate, manipulate, use aggression and conditional love. Those who are aware can see these games clear as day being attempted by the ruling cabal in our world today, to keep society under their control, for this is the end of a big cycle of time, and they want to trap as many souls as possible for the next cycle.


At the next level, Density 4, aware of being aware and there being much more to existence than the last level. By using free-will choice, with awareness of universal cause and effect (karma), non-judgement, and the true meaning of unconditional love, we continue to evolve. At this level, with awareness of other dimensions and the games and attempts to manipulate you, you can come under attack. This is the level interdimensional beings can't stand you being at, as they start to lose control of you and the negative lifeforce energy they feed off of (many refer to this as "loosh"). So, they may bring out the big guns, and you can come under attack. These attacks will often come as they take over the body of someone who is still in density 3 or lower, and usually someone who is closest to you. Mother, father, son, daughter, close friend, teacher, boss, or co-worker, etc., will try to intimidate you, and if that doesn't work will manipulate a situation that they set up. If that doesn't work, they will use aggression. If all else fails, they will use conditional love as a final desperate attempt to get you to drop your guard and gain access to you. Do not fear the game, but it is important to be aware. Our spirit is far more powerful than them, and by understanding how they manipulate, and the ways they gain access to the body vehicle, the easier it is to heal, grow, and evolve, in full control of our thoughts, actions, internal realities, and life.


There are various "doorways" for these beings to gain access to the body. The biggest and easiest gateway is drugs and alcohol, and also one of the more complex to explain. Physical reality is all about frequencies. When you turn the dial on a radio it changes the receiver frequency and you tune into a different station. The same is true with anything that has a psychoactive effect on the mind. It changes the frequency and with your consciousness you "tune into" a different reality, a different dimension. There is life on every dimension, and when we enter into that dimension the beings that reside there now have the rights to enter you because you entered their game. Everything that is alive wants to live, grow, and experience, so once you have something come into your field it will try to manipulate for its own agenda, usually an attempt to keep you feeding it through repetitive use of the substance and other behaviors, so that you need it to live (an important component of understanding addictions). 


Excessive alcohol and other substances will cause your energy defenses to drop (holes in your aura) and something else to take over. With this understanding It is easy to see why alcohol is referred to as "spirits". This is why it is very common for heavy drinkers to "black out", and yet sometimes they are still walking, talking, and doing things. Something takes over and they are now driving the bus. If you have an especially demonic entity taking full control like that, you can see incidences of murder and other criminal behavior, and many times the person won't even remember doing it. Watch videos of people on Flakka and other hard drugs, and you will see the demonic energy and behavior. 


Every substance has its own intent, life form entity, and characteristics behind it metaphysically. With the ever-increasing popularity of using plant "medicine" to treat mental health issues, it can sometimes be challenging to get past those entities and through to the spirit of a person so they can regain control. I will re-iterate now that this is not a judgement. Everyone is responsible for their own choices, and sometimes those choices have unknown consequences. I know this from personal experience and a fairly decent history exploiting these substances earlier in life (I have since cleared what was let in using this work). This is simply an invitation to awaken to a new path that doesn't require external substances and life forms to heal and evolve. One of the core intentions of HK work is to understand that you and your spirit are powerful and capable of making changes, healing, and manifesting in your life, without calling on things from the external.

The more we give power to things outside of us, the more it disempowers us and our spirit. In the same way that medications are designed to suppress symptoms, many substances thought of as harmless because they are a natural plant, allow these influences to enter into the person and manipulate for its own agenda. These psychoactive experiences can be very enticing for many reasons. Most often it is an escape from the pain of reality, or an attempt to belong with others that are also doing it. Using psychedelics for mental health can absolutely temporarily create relief in a person; however, just like with regular medications, the spirit and the issues spirit is trying to bring up to be looked at and healed will be suppressed. The entity will now be influencing and sweeping your issues under the rug for the time being so that it remains in control and you continue to feed it with the drug. It will hold you at that frequency, stuck, and unable to evolve beyond it. It can also feed and inflate the spiritual ego (a self-created internal entity itself) creating all the excuses and justifications for why you need it. There is absolutely a time and a place for medications and medicine when needed in some acute situations, but awareness of how they affect us physically and metaphysically, and having the right intent, is crucial to staying empowered and in control. 


The argument I often hear is that it's natural and from the earth so it must be good for us. Well, I guarantee you that there are literally thousands of natural plant species that will poison or kill you. Marijuana has many wonderful medicinal benefits when used in its non-psychoactive form, so like anything, how it is used is important. Ayahuasca has also become a heavily misused substance in our world. It is being sold as a trendy short-cut to healing and enlightenment, and most people don't have a clue what they are dealing with. Most of those calling themselves shamans of these ceremonies are littered with interdimensional interference, and don't understand Lore. Steve Richards stated a few years back, "I have been doing this work for over 50 years, and Ayahuasca is the most cunning entity I have ever encountered". My experiences with several clients who are regular users of this plant brought me to the same conclusion. It is a very powerful entity, and the healing experiences that it supposedly brings (I've done it twice, years before I found HK), quickly fade and are replaced by the cunning manipulations of what was allowed into the field. What is interesting is an observation of the nature of the plant itself, which is a vine that tries to overtake its host. One thing you will often see from people who are being run by these beings and want their host to remain under their control is the justifications. I have seen many people that continue to rely on these substances who talk about how much of a mess their life is, their issues, how chaotic their mind is, and then go on to talk about how great these psychoactive substances are and how much it helps them. Like anything that is alive, these beings want to survive, grow, feed, and control. They are very cunning in the ways they manipulate the psyche, thoughts, and justifications to keep you in their game.


I share all this not to create fear, judgement, regret, or shame, but simply to create awareness of more going on with these things than meets the eye. Many powerful changes and healing can be accomplished by working with spirit; however, if a person wants to continue using and relying on these substances, I may not continue to work with them using HK, depending on the person and the situation. One reason for this is I am very passionate and interested in assisting people in their own healing, but until they are ready to take control and let go of these forces running them, progress and results can be hard to achieve. The other reason is that if a person comes for sessions and we clear some of these beings out of the field and then they go back to using again, they can sometimes end up worse off.


I am not religious, but am aware of some truths within spiritual texts like the bible. This is spoken of in Matthew 12:45: "Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.' On its return, it finds the house vacant, swept clean, and put in order. Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and dwell there; and the final plight of that man is worse than the first." 


This speaks to casting out an evil spirit, dealing with your issues (putting your house in order), and then returning to the act that let them in again, which is why you can end up worse off, as it comes back with more powerful and evil forces. When we don't learn the first time, the universe tends to increase the volume and intensity of the lesson, until we do. If the small fry entities didn't teach you, then maybe the big boys will. This doesn't mean other issues can't be worked on, and we can still work with a client on the underlying reasons for taking the substance, but we cannot clear the interdimensional connected to the substance unless the person is set in themselves that they are completely done with it. The biggest question I ask of those caught in this trap, is why they feel that they are not capable of healing, manifesting, being happy, or enjoying life, themselves, with their own spirit? Why do they feel they need external forces and mind-altering substances to feel happiness or peace. For those with the honest intent, ready to confront those questions head on, your spirit will show you, and it can be cleared using HK. Once the person is set with their will power and intent to be done, we can clear the underlying reasons for taking it, and the interdimensionals let in as a result. I have seen decades of substance abuse vanish in 2 or 3 sessions when the person is ready. The value of clearing all that with HK is the urge goes with it, and the person doesn't feel like they had to give anything up.


The next category of ways many people let in interdimensional interference is connected to religious and new age practices. As I stated earlier, it is important to understand how the games of entrapment go back to the origins of humanity. Religion goes all the way back to the beginning, and has been distorted by man and what is running man. There is a reason why there are statues of reptilians, gargoyles, and winged serpents around many churches. The main thing to watch for is ANY practice designed to give your power over to something outside of you. 


These games can sometimes be very subtle. Prayer is a very common way, as most religious and new age prayer has you praying to a being or deity that is outside of you. The spirit life force connected to god, the supreme creator, or whatever you call it, is already inside of you. This universe is holographic in nature, and metaphysically and spiritually speaking it is all already inside of you. You are a fractal of the universe. Prayer has many connotations and methods for many different people, but the moment you direct that intent to an external force, as if god is a separate being somewhere "out there", you are giving permission to whatever being wants to answer that call. 


Most people are so traumatized and programmed to feel powerless and believe they are not a powerful being, so they feel they need to ask for something outside of them that they think is more powerful than they are. Many interdimensionals are happy to help, and in exchange they get access to the vehicle. For those that have the gift of spiritual sight, many interdimensional beings can masquerade as whatever form is most accepted by you. I've heard many stories over the years of people saying they saw some angelic being of light show up in front of them, answering a call for help, and then telling the person that they are the reincarnation of Jesus, or that they have a special mission to disseminate. Essentially this bloats the ego and makes them easy to manipulate. They can present as an angel or ascended master, or whatever the person believes in. Discernment in this area is actually very easy, because ANYTHING that is outside of you on the spiritual level that is trying to answer the call and get involved is an entrapment, I don't care what it is. 


You and your spirit are more powerful than all that and can learn, grow, evolve, heal, manifest by working on yourself, being clear with your intent, and telling your own internal spirit what you want. Are there positive higher dimensional beings out there? Of course! But the beings that have evolved to that level will NOT interfere. They understand the law of free-will and non-interference. If they tamper and interfere, they become karmically involved and get sucked right back into the game they already evolved through. For those familiar with the Star Trek series, that is why the prime directive of star fleet is non-interference. It is a reflection of one of the highest universal laws. The higher beings just observe the game, and will only interfere if the actions of those on our level will negatively affect them. 


As I said, these entrapments can be very subtle and are woven deeply into religious and new age traditions. The number 7 is very important in many spiritual traditions, and represents change. The spirit changes every 7 life times and every 7 years, and we carry the issues of our ancestors for 7 generations. In Catholic traditions they have you take communion at age 7, giving over your body to an external deity. The next cycle comes to age 14 when a child then becomes a full-fledged free-will being responsible for their own decisions, and no longer under the purview of their parents. This is why they hold the confirmation ritual at 14 so the youth can confirm their free-will agreement to the external deity and the interdimensional they have allowed in. "En-tranced at the entrance to be altered at the alter", as Steve would say.


The more ancient religious practices commonly used rituals, initiations, and sacrifices to powerful deities and entities to gain more power. Although they are more hidden, they are still used today by demonic and luciferian cults and secret societies. I also see many self-proclaimed witches, warlocks, and wiccans who still utilize practices that call upon external forces, getting themselves into big spiritual trouble down the track for the agreements they have made. The ones who truly understand, know it is merely about maintaining balance, harmony, and respect with nature and its forces. 


The new age religion is rife with various practices allowing external life forms into the field. Channeling, which involves a direct intent to allow another being to come into your field and communicate through you. Many spiritual teachers refer to receiving "downloads" which again is allowing access to your field from an external source. Even common healing practices such as Reiki channel energy from an external source. Energy healing can be a powerful and effective method of clearing blockages from the subtle energy bodies, but many practitioners are working with external forces and don't have the knowledge required to make real lasting changes at that level. In Aboriginal culture, there are people known as the Ngangkari, who are very powerful and effective energy healers. They generally study their entire lives and work only with the internal spirit, "sliding" between dimensions, as they are aware of negative external forces. I see many energy healers who work with the angels (winged serpents) or some external energy ray, and all of that comes through interdimensional interference. It can create temporary relief, but comes at a cost of that being manipulating for its own agenda later on. For those without proper training or awareness, simple human contact, touch, and being present with another can bring comfort and relief without needing anything outside of you.


This subject is a prime example where a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, as people toy around with powerful forces when they truly don't know what they are doing. I have encountered many psychics throughout my life, and what I have seen is a small few have the genuine gift stemming from their internal spirit. Those that understand lore, will not attempt to influence your path by telling you what will happen, as they understand the karmic backlash on themselves that can occur as a result of influencing another. This is a huge part of why aboriginal culture and other indigenous cultures often share knowledge, wisdom, and lore through stories. Instead of telling you directly what to do and think, a story allows the listener to extract what they may. This puts the onus of responsibility on the person listening, and how they will utilize the wisdom gained through hearing the experiences of another. The future has already happened, and we can see what is coming down our time line, but the amazing thing is that the time track can be changed through our free-will. Most psychics that I have encountered that actually have some ability, gain that ability through interdimensionals and calling upon external forces, as these beings have access to metaphysical knowledge that most people don't. When they communicate through their guides, angels, channeling, etc., that is all coming from interdimensional interference. I have also had clients who were able to read the thoughts of others. Telepathy is a natural innate ability that we used to have much more commonly in many ancient cultures, but it is important to distinguish where that information is coming from. The information coming to my clients had a very paranoid and fearful edge to it, which was a big key that it wasn't coming through their spirit. Once they looked at it and cleared the winged serpent connected to the issue, the ability vanished. At first it made them afraid to lose that ability, but as we further explored and cleared the underlying trauma and why they were afraid to not know what other people were thinking, they finally felt at peace just being calm and still with their own thoughts and energy. I've seen similar situations with many who rely on calling on their "guides", because they don't feel they are capable or powerful enough to listen to the truth and guidance that comes from their own spirit and intuition within. Spirit and intuition are subtle, and requires listening with intent. As Steve has stated numerous times, "spirit will not have a conversation with you". If something is, it isn't spirit. 


Many experimental spiritual practices have become trendy and popular in recent times. Unfortunately, because our modern society has lost touch with most of the spiritual knowledge and lore from ancient cultures, many people are unknowingly opening themselves up to powerful forces that can negatively affect them. I've seen practices like astral projection and other intentionally induced out of body experiences become more common place. As I stated before, there is much to experience in this universe, and there is no judgement around what we seek to experience. At the same time, I believe being informed of the risks to certain practices to be important, whether physical, or metaphysical. With astral projection and other out of body experiences, it is like going on vacation, and when you leave your home, you leave the front door of your house wide open while you are gone. You will likely have an unwelcome guest in your field upon your return. Your spirit incarnated into this physical dimension for a reason. This is our world, and this is where our power is - In this physical dimension. Unfortunately, the same is true during many unintentional trauma-induced dissociative disorders and events, where the person just unconsciously checks out, and leaves the body wide open for entrance and manipulation. We don't need to fear what has already happened as it can all be changed and cleared for the future cycles.


As you can probably tell at this point, that this work, this path, all of which comes from over 60,000 years of aboriginal lore, is not necessarily for everyone. I've heard from various friends and clients over the years that it can be a bit like the rug is being pulled out from underneath them, as they are forced to confront many deeply engrained belief systems that are holding them back. The rabbit hole goes very deep once you become aware of this, and it becomes clear how our world is set up with these entrapments virtually everywhere on purpose to disempower and severe our connection with our spirit. I had convinced myself for much of my life prior to finding HK that we don't have free-will. I was convinced that everything that happens is fated and predetermined. When I went to my first HK course, I got to see first-hand the being that wanted me to believe this. Because if I don't have free-will over my actions then something else gets to control me and call it fate. Everyone evolves at different speeds, and we can only do so one step up the ladder at a time. Many spirits have been here in this game for a long time, have evolved, and are ready to move on, while others came here more recently, and have much to experience and explore before they are ready. Creation and the omniverse is infinite in nature, so it is not in a hurry.


Gregg Braden wrote an insightful book called the Isaiah Effect where he wrote of the ancient method of prayer fully connected to spirit. Where instead of asking for something from an external source, you put yourself and your internal reality in the state of mind and feeling as if what you want to manifest is ALREADY in existence. Our mind and thoughts act as the guidance system, and our feelings/emotions are the fuel that propels it. If they wanted to manifest rain for crops, they would close their eyes and visualize and feel what it is like to have rain come down, and the gratitude that comes with that. The CIA declassified many documents a few years back, including some that show their research conducted on the law of attraction. Affirmed within this research was the confirmation that the universe is holographic in nature. By changing our internal reality, and visualizing and feeling what we want as if it is already there, it sends a signal for the hologram to shift to create that. The teachings of Steve and HK all reflect this understanding, and much more.


Drugs, alcohol, and calling upon and calling in external spiritual sources, are the most common "doorways". Another is anesthesia, but this can be prevented easily by telling your spirit prior to surgery to stay in the body, and not to take anything on. If you don't tell your spirit to do so, it can allow a vacant and open field while you are out, and I've cleared disincarnate human spirits from people from such procedures, where this happened in a hospital. Fear, trauma, and extreme sleep deprivation can also drop our energy defences and open up the field. Again, this is simply to create awareness. With awareness and the right intent, we are far more powerful than any interference. Any interference that has come in can be cleared easily using HK. We must understand that these are life forms that, like anything that is alive, wants to grow, survive and experience life. I often use the loose comparison of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc) in the body. They too are living things that want to grow, survive and take over. We take measures all the time to kill and keep these things in check when they become problematic, because if we do not, we can get sick or die.


Another common entrance point is through past life suicides or current life suicide attempts. Essentially if we declare to the universe that we don't want our body and we don't want to be here, then that is an invitation for something that does, and it will run the body for you. I am intimately familiar with this happening and my history of suicidal thoughts and attempts were one of the first things to heal and vanish when I started this work many years ago. I have since seen that this was a pattern of many of my past lives ending in that way, and that I was finally able to break and heal that repeating pattern and cycle using this work. This world can be very challenging and difficult at times, and it is okay to want your life to change, just be aware of your intent regarding checking out and giving up the rights to your body with your intent. You can tell your spirit what it is about your life you want to change, so it can help you set that up. Close your eyes and visualize the life you want in detail. Be there and feel it. Take a deep breath and squeeze your muscles to activate this new internal reality. Thank your spirit for bringing the right people and circumstances at the right time to manifest your intent into reality. When suicidal thoughts arise or repeat there are hundreds of qualified HK practitioners out there willing to assist you in clearing and healing where that is coming from. 


Another common cause of suicidal thoughts is traumatized human spirits that have been taken on and are entrapped in the field. This is different than interdimensional interference, but can cause just as many problems. Mental health problems and suicidal thoughts and impulses are a very common plight of veterans who return home from war. For many it is run of the mill PTSD, but for others it is metaphysically more complex. If you go to war and kill another human being, you have taken that spirit's body vehicle away from them. Because you have taken their vehicle, the spirit of that being now has the rights to enter into your vehicle to continue on. So, you have many veterans returning home from war with traumatized and angry human spirits in their field, with voices in their head telling them to kill themselves, and mainstream psych doctors don't know what they are dealing with. This can be set up just as easily in past lives. The first thing that came up in my first session as a client was a past life dimension as a military captain expanding castle territory and killing innocent people. I still had their spirits on board in this life. It was the biggest contributing factor to the suicidal thoughts and attempts I had experienced, along with a life time of unexplainable subconscious guilt. That is all gone and cleared now, and have seen and learned that we can also take on human spirits or animal spirits by feeling guilt, pity, or wishing they would stay at their moment of death. It is like a beacon of invitation for them to stay here with us, instead of moving forward for their own future cycles of time. Death itself is not something to fear. We don't end. We carry on. We just transform. We can acknowledge and honor the presence of a loved one in our lives, or send love to a dying animal, while still wishing them well on their journey forward.


Steve has spoken on the aboriginal knowledge and approach to hunting animals, and how they would use the dreamtime to put out the intent to the spirit of the animal to donate its vehicle for food. Same as with a human, if you kill an animal without permission, it has the rights to enter your field to carry on, and can negatively affect you with its trauma. It is taught that when the animal donates the vehicle it can allow them to move up the octaves of evolution and reincarnate up to human. The spirits of humans, animals, or interdimensional interference in the field can cause the traits of those to morph into the field both in physical features as well as behavior. I had a roommate many years ago with an old golden retriever. I remember during storms we had in Florida that the dog would run into the kitchen and hide under the kitchen table which was pushed into the corner of the room away from any windows. The dog eventually got sick and my roommate had her put down. She was very sad and wanted the dog to stay, opening herself up to the spirit of the dog to stay in her field. A year later we had a hurricane come through town. The night it hit us I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I walked through the kitchen and found my roommate curled up on the kitchen floor under the table, in the corner where the dog used to go. On a lighter and more amusing note of the same phenomenon, look up the video of the chicken farmer who laughs like a chicken. It is amazing the awareness that opens up when we realize this reality is not what we think it is.


We are creators, and our thoughts influence and create realities. This is important to understand not just with regard to manifesting what we want, but also how we can create and feed and allow negative programs to take over, if we are not aware. Steve Richards describes this process as such: Thoughts become thought forms, thought forms become life forms, and if we continue to feed it, those life forms can become full blown entities. Say you have a traumatic experience with a bully at school as a young child and you create and lock in the thought "nobody likes me". As you have locked that thought into the cellular memory in its own dimension of time it will attract more situations that will affirm this thought for you. As you continue to feed it with actions and reactions, it can eventually become a full-blown internal entity that takes over and runs the vehicle causing you to avoid and run from human connection. This can all be cleared of course, but awareness of our own thoughts and what we allow to control us is where it starts. You can also take on external entities created by another where they project it onto you. For example, a traumatized father who has low self-esteem calling his son an idiot, and the son taking that on as truth. People in the world are constantly sending unconscious negative projections to others. By being aware of this we can tell our spirit that it is not ours, don't take it on, and send it back to its creator with a strong outward blow. Like other interdimensional interference, It only has the power we allow it to have.

We are at the end of a big cycle of time, and while it is a tremendous opportunity for healing and evolution, we must be aware that there are other forces trying to keep us controlled and entrapped in the game for the next cycle. Until this is fully understood and applied to a person's life, I can't imagine they will be able to evolve and move up to the next octave of experience where these forces don't exist. This can also include more overt forms of manipulation and control coming from physical beings, organizations, and government.


At the moment in our world we are seeing the largest attempt in known history at global takeover, medical tyranny, propaganda, psychic warfare, and intentionally directed fear, trauma, and games of entrapment. Much of the world has fallen victim to the mass psychosis. Covering our faces and keeping us separated from each other was one of the first steps at breaking us down psychologically. Our face, seeing each other, and being together, is connected to our sense of identity and humanity. Without seeing each other on that level it disconnects and dehumanizes us. Apart from a muzzle being metaphorically and literally used to silence us and censor us, these were used in many historical cycles from the past on slaves to signify their submission to a master without the rights of self-expression. From a medical and scientific standpoint the so called "experts" have flip flopped so many times, anyone actually listening to them would have their head spinning. This is also intentional, and why the goal posts are constantly shifting with their story changing every other week. Mental confusion is one of the more sophisticated aspects of gaining access to the subconscious mind for covert programming. By confusing the rational logical mind with constant contradictory information and directions it can induce an anxiety response that can eventually cause the conscious mind to give up and shut down, allowing direct and easy access to the subconscious, which will then more easily follow direction without question.


The beings controlling this game have deep knowledge of us on the most fundamental levels and are experts at exploiting us through subconscious programming and fear. Because we are at the end of a big cycle on this planet, many beings are gearing up to evolve out of the game. These negative occult forces feed off of us ("batteries" in the matrix) and are desperate to keep us here, repeating the cycle and staying entrapped within the game. They are desperate because they know they are running out of time. As a result they are pushing harder and faster than ever. The game has also become more obvious than ever, and is creating a catalyst for the awakening of millions of people. At the end of the cycle everything comes to the surface and each person has a choice to submit and agree to the game or actualize and activate their autonomy as a spiritual creator being. The universe does not care how long it takes a person to evolve. It does not judge or punish. It is always up to us.


One of the biggest agendas being pushed to accomplish this entrapment right now is the "vaccine" program. In addition to the physically toxic effects causing death, still-births, heart disease, strokes, clots, auto-immune conditions and more in many people, it also has interdimensional interference, programs, and an entity collective attached to it. Many who are aware of this have sometimes seen changes in energy and personality of those who have been jabbed. The program/entity wants to spread and take over, and once it has a foot hold with a person, depending on their mental and spiritual constitution, they can sometimes become aggressive about sharing their status and bullying or manipulating those who haven't also submitted. We are now deep into the agenda, and it should hopefully be clear to anyone that they do not have any benefit to health or society, at all. If it worked as initially advertised you wouldn't need a "booster" every few months, and the countries with the highest vax compliance rates wouldn't also have the highest rates of CV-19 cases after introducing the jab. The very criminal manufactures and CDC have specifically stated that they don't prevent contracting or transmitting to others, and yet continue to keep everyone locked down, separated, muzzled, destroying small businesses and the economy. They are even stating in media now that the jabbed are spreading the supposed variants. This is a Machiavellian psychic war of divide and conquer. Isolating people from each other and covering their faces breaks people down psychologically, and makes them even more susceptible to overt programming. They keep overplaying their hand, making up new variant stories to create more fear to get more people jabbed, with a never-ending perpetual string of supposed "boosters" that increase chances of illness and death with each shot. Meanwhile these habitual criminal offenders rake in literally hundreds of billions in profit. The profit is only a small component of the underlying agenda, which is actually primarily spiritual in nature. I personally feel that the injections need to be recognized for what they are, an agreement of entrapment. They need you to consent, and people are submitting to the game and the interdimensional voluntarily. As I discussed earlier they will use manipulation, social engineering, aggression, threats, and if all else fails they will use conditional love, bribes, and guilt to get to you. 

I re-state once again, that this isn't a judgement. I do not share this to create fear, regret or remorse. It does not matter when we wake up; only that we do. Once a person is aware and done playing their game, they can then clear the metaphysical effects, the interdimensional beings attached to it, break those agreements, and move forward to evolve for their own future cycles of time. Steve Richards has personally created a clearing protocol for the CV-19 vax (or any others), and we are getting good results with it.  Many who have submitted to these injections are beginning to see this, and I applaud them. For it can be most challenging to the ego to overcome cognitive dissonance and fear programming, and admit to yourself that you have been manipulated and lied to. They have to tell you what they are doing, referred by some as revelation of the method. They have been telling us in media, music, television, movies, books, UN agendas, and guide stones going back many decades, if not longer, what they are planning. There are too many to list here but Event 201 and the 1992 & 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies are good examples. They have left so many breadcrumbs that we could open up a bakery by now. Some who are aware of this feel this is meant to taunt or ridicule us, but the truth is that they are trying to follow spiritual law. By telling you what they are doing and what they are planning, it is in attempt to manufacture consent. The more people that just go along with it passively agreeing to what the controllers want, the less karmic blow back on the shadow elite, because people have submitted voluntarily. So as we see the agenda unfold plain as day, and recognize it for what it is, it is a massive opportunity to "fight back" metaphysically. If they do or create something that negatively effects you, then they have entered your game and you have the rights to change it. You can state to your spirit that you do not agree, that you do not consent, that what they are creating is negatively effecting you and under lore fold that creation back in on its creator, and take care of it spirit! We live in a collective shared reality, so the more that do this, the more the hologram can shift in that direction. I have done this with overt weather manipulations, manufactured food supply shortages, and even speeding tickets, with surprisingly positive results.


Some who have dug a little into the matrix control system have discovered that umbrella corporations such as Blackrock and Vanguard collectively own and control virtually every pharmaceutical company and media outlet in the known world. The shadow elite own it all. The government, media, big pharma, and corporate structure work together for the same agenda. It is quite funny that so many dismiss this as conspiracy theory when it is easily obtained information that is right in your face. Most people don't like change, and especially don't like confronting longstanding embedded belief systems protecting the world view that makes them feel safety and order. A funny quote from the movie, The Big Short: "Truth is like poetry, and most people fucking hate poetry". Many who are aware of the evil agenda sometimes revert back to a primal ancestral almost "American Revolution" like mentality. They want to take to the streets to strike a blow to the empire. While I think that can effect positive change in some situations, I think in general we do not have the capacity for that in today's modern world. A short video of occult and metaphysical teacher and philosopher Michael Tsarion (linked here), talks about this. That it is like a child swinging around a large sword trying to fight back. This event, and the end of the cycle is an individual choice point, and people need to see and understand as Tsarion puts it, "that evil contains within it the seeds of its own destruction". The universe always will and is taking care of these forces. They will have to experience their own creations in future cycles. We need to deal with our own personal responsibilities, as over focusing on them and what they are doing can be a major trap of distraction from facing ourselves and our own shadow work that needs to be done in order to evolve.

There are many games set up in the world to disempower and entrap you. While we can't force others to change, we can work on ourselves. The universe is holographic in nature, operating through fractal patterns, and cycles within cycles, games within games. By making positive changes to yourself it holographically causes a positive effect on the whole. You can take ownership of your space, which is your game. If you own or rent your space, it is your game, and you can set up the metaphysical boundaries, rules, and intents, of what is allowed in your game. It is important to understand, that this is not a field of "protection", but simply the parameters of your game. If you set it up with the intent of protection, it sets the energy of attracting something that needs protecting from. Once the boundary is established, you can command any interdimensional interference floating around to leave your space, and that nothing that you haven't explicitly invited is allowed into your game. Be aware that when you enter the game of another, you are subject to the laws and the rules of that game. Most people don't establish this kind of intent with their space, and can have all kinds of negative or paranormal things lurking about. You can tell your spirit that you are just an observer to the game and not to take anything on. If there is rare problematic paranormal activity occurring in your space (home, apartment, business, car, etc), you can have an HK practitioner assist, and do a clearing of the space.


I realize much of this information is possibly confrontational, challenging, or maybe triggering to some who are still locked into many mainstream belief systems, or have been lured into religious or new age entrapments. My intent sharing this information is simply to offer awareness of hidden aspects of our metaphysical reality. My intent is to help empower myself and others to know how powerful they are, just you and your spirit. My intent is to assist those who are ready and willing to work on themselves and take responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and internal created realities. I invite people to take a step back and look at the state of the world, and how mental health in our world is in chaos. It is clearly rife with evil, corruption, disease, and imbalance. I invite anyone reading this to command your spirit to awaken from amnesia, and help you see the truth. Your spirit will not acknowledge you if you don't acknowledge it. It will not interfere with your free-will, so you must state what you want. Being human is an amazing, intense, scary, rewarding, and glorious experience. It is easy to get caught up in external distractions, entrapments, and the games of others. We must remember that we come into the world alone as a spirit, and we leave alone as a spirit. In this maya, it is so easy to become attached to external things, programs, and other life forms. Many times, we don't even see or realize when it is holding us back. But as Steve Richards has succinctly stated, "nothing has to be the way it was". You are a powerful being capable of making changes to yourself and your life. In the end, where you go from here is up to you.



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