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"When I first went to Ceth for HK treatments I was going into year five of multiple psychiatric medications, excruciating nightmares and dealing with obesity and PTSD triggers not to mention my anxiety and inability to be around groups of people. Ceth has managed to do what several healing modalities failed to do was just give me back the power to my own life free of medications, nightmares, and consistent struggles, by using HK. I’ve been able to transform my life! It is with pride and honor that I highly recommend HK sessions via Ceth to you...It is the gift that keeps on giving. I Strongly encourage you to call him today for your First session-you won’t regret it!"


-FSR (Dec. 1st, 2017)


"First, I have to thank you, Ceth Ranney! I came to Ceth for my first Holographic Kinetics (HK) session a few weeks ago, and I was a mess emotionally. I was unsure of myself, and had several unknown mental blocks. It all starts with your intentions. If you truly want to help yourself and make a change for the better, than give HK a chance. I feel like my body, mind, soul, and spirit are all on the same page. In 2 sessions, HK helped me clear my indecisiveness, lack of confidence, feelings of financial struggle, reactive frustration, and stubbornness.


After we addressed my issues, not only did I feel like a weight was lifted, but I felt completely different than when we started our sessions in just a few days. I had chronic back pain for years, that plagued me daily, but several of the issues we cleared also cleared my back pain as well, as a bi-product!


I came in with an open mind and heart, as I wanted nothing more than to be my best self. After my sessions I feel like I am more focused, aware of myself/actions, and I feel like I'm in a new younger, more energized body! My energy has been soaring through the roof and it's been, undoubtedly, one of the most amazing experiences of my life!


I'm as confident as ever, I don't hesitate on any decisions, as I know I will do what feels right, and my frustrations that would arise out of nowhere have all dissipated.


I know it sounds too good to be true, but take it from my experience, it's given me new purpose and a hunger for life!" 


-Jason Martin (Feb. 12th, 2018)

"I decided to see Ceth after a woman telling me her friend was noticeably different in only a few session with him.  Affecting noticeable change in such a short period of time seemed amazing to me.


I was completely unfamiliar with HK but decided to see Ceth.  He is intuitive and able to help you navigate the process for maximum impact.  In a very challenging life situation I have been able to feel better.  The process goes deep and allows you to bypass the mind's barriers.


I highly recommend Ceth and the work."     


-M (Sep. 4th, 2018)


"Ceth guided me back through pivotal moments in my life that had been causing me chronic emotional pain and confusion and which had been blocking me from moving forward with my dreams and aspirations. We uncovered moments that I had never been conscious of before, both in my present reality and from past incarnations that have leaked over into my current life, influencing my perception of myself, this reality, and my decisions. We also discovered other non-physical entities that had been wielding power over my energy. At the end of our session I felt that a long held weight had been lifted from my spirit, I felt renewed and more willing and able to face the next phases of my journey! I would recommend anyone considering this work to take a leap, to be open minded, honest and willing to see and let whatever may arise to pass and go so that you can live the fullest life you can imagine! Thanks again Ceth!"

-Kristopher Beck (Dec. 31, 2018)

"I have now experienced many sessions over the past 8 months, and I can confidently say, it is the most grounded, powerful, advanced modality I have ever come across. There were times I wanted to reject Holographic Kinetics, as many different belief systems were being pulled out from under me. Yet as I listened to my Spirit, gently bringing forth deeper Truths and exposing different traps I had blindly fallen into, I trusted the guidance of my Spirit. Never before have I felt so grounded and in touch with my Spirit. Holographic Kinetics has allowed my Spirit to show me my creations in order to evolve. I am more rooted in what I believe in than ever before, in the most simple and profound way. Most of all, Holographic Kinetics has set me on my journey of taking full accountability as the Creator of my Reality.

I am deeply grateful for the way that Ceth has assisted and supported me on my journey with Holographic Kinetics. My life has been profoundly changed and I hope that this practice is able to reach more people who can greatly benefit from it.”

-Ember Rohlman (Jan. 10th, 2019)

"Do You want to fix your problems? If you have the option to move forward, will you? Most people don't want change. They would rather live the same life of misery than let go of unnecessary guilt/attachments. Your spirit wants to let go of the issues your soul and ego have, but it is waiting for you to make that decision. For example, my mother left me as a child, but does that mean I never received motherly love? My soul and ego prevented me from receiving love for so long, because if I didn't receive it from my mom I felt weak.


I never realized until AFTER HK that I actually had multiple mother figures in my life. Yeah, they may not be my biological mother, but they loved me just as much and if not more than my own mother ever could. I just needed to learn how to trust my spirit and accept love instead of pushing it away out of fear because my soul/ego blinded me to feel that way.


As for the Holographic Kinetics therapy process itself, I began to believe in HK when Ceth would guide my spirit back to hurtful and traumatic times in my past that only I knew about. He guided me to some of the darkest times, and helped me view it with the perspective of my spirit. He encouraged me to fix it, to grow from it, and change it to the way me and my spirit want it to be.


So after the two sessions I had several months ago I'm still growing. With the help of the HK therapy, I can say I am stronger and more capable and more capable of seeing when I am in tune with my spirit, and when I am not. I have the power to know what is right and what is wrong in my life, and I'm strong enough to keep my spirit as pure as I can.


Do I suggest this to others? I do, only if you are ready to grow. HK can help you let go of what is holding you back, but only if you are ready to take responsibility. If you are ready to be happier and grow, this therapy is the best way to aim directly towards the source and the cause of most issues. You'll learn how to love yourself, and leave having a much stronger sense of how to live with the power you have inside of you."


-Soleil (April 26th, 2019)


"Upon receiving numerous sessions with Ceth, it’s been brought to my awareness that a lot of the pain and struggle that I have repeatedly encountered throughout life is due to traumatic or impactful events that locked in limiting beliefs about myself.


Through Holographic Kinetics, I am able to let go of and change what does not serve me anymore. Ceth possesses a very reassuring and supportive demeanor. Even when I've shown up to a session not knowing exactly what I wanted to address, chatting with him was able to provide so much clarity.


If you’re interested in booking a session or even just want more info, I say totally contact him. There is so much to this life :) Take advantage of the powerful opportunities to bring clarity to your life. I see HK as one great way."

-Apolo Zamparelli (July 25th, 2019)

"HK IS MAGIC! I recommend it to everyone!! I went to Ceth to deal with some on-going co-dependency issues and I was SUPER skeptical and nervous about the process. BUT soooooo surprised with my results.


When I got to Ceth’s clinic; he was very relaxed and helped me to calm down and get ready for the session. After some guidance, I was able to push through my hardcore skepticism to be open to allowing the process.


It’s a peaceful process and Ceth is really fast at clearing issues. The day after my HK session; I felt completely numb which he had warned me might happen due to integration/release/defrag. A week later, I felt like a new person. My anxiety had completely left my body and I no longer felt the need to escape into partnerships or control others or project onto others. It was AMAZING.


I booked more sessions with Ceth and my life has been transformed. I can’t recommend HK and Ceth enough. What I did in years of therapy, he did in one session."


-Kristina Rodriguez (September 25th, 2019)

"An intuitive guide on all levels and dimensions!

Ceth is conscientious and thoroughly educated in his practice. With the warm hospitality of an innkeeper, he facilitates a comfortable and comprehensible session. Holographic Kinetics has yielded more insight and effected more positive change in my life than any other healing modality."

-Brandon Rimes (June 14th, 2020)

"When I first discovered HK, my life was a rock slide in free fall. After nearly 4 years of incessant overlapping and simultaneous crises, I found myself renovicted and homeless on top of the relentless multiple traumas I had been through. I was reeling from many significant losses and had no realistic reason to believe anything would ever be okay again. I felt ready to die — it seemed the only way to stop the endless siege of crisis after trauma after crisis. I just wanted it all to be over permanently, at any price.


The shifts after my first two or three sessions were subtle, both inner and external. Small things changed — I felt less hopeless and five weeks of conveniently timed, back-to-back house-sitting gigs in comfortable homes, in areas I wanted to live, appeared without me seeking them. Was it an effect of the HK or was it just about time something good happened for me?


I continued going to sessions and began applying what I learned about HK principles, particularly staying connected to and communicating with Spirit, in my daily life.


More coincidences followed, leading to a promising housing opportunity. Occasional crises still arose, but they were fewer, my emotional reactions to them lessened, and I found solutions for them before they had a chance to run a trail of destruction through my life.


Then one day after an especially powerful emotional shift in a session, I received a phone call offering me a safe, affordable place to live in an ideal location and community. I moved in two weeks later.


Four years after being introduced to HK, going for sessions, and learning how to apply HK principles myself to my life, I am in a much better place, emotionally and circumstantially. I have found my confidence again and have learned how to set and enforce boundaries. And for the first time in my life, I actually feel lucky.


Ceth is professional, warm, kind, intuitive, focused, responsive, and an overall accomplished practitioner of this highly effective healing modality. After only a few sessions with him, I am finally releasing residual issues and have found what I had begun to think was beyond even HK to produce: the organic motivation and trust to unpack, properly settle into this beautiful place, and start exercising again — not because I feel I “have to” or “should” because “it’s time,” but because it feels right now and I genuinely want to."

-SK (January 7th, 2021)

"I went in to see Ceth about several issues regarding career, friends and family. Although I couldn't quite articulate or identify what specifically was causing my anxiety, each session with Ceth brought increasing clarity and awareness. Although originally skeptical of HK, I am convinced of its benefits and strongly urge others to try it. Truly transformative." 

-D (September 26th, 2021)

So glad I found Ceth and HK!

I have now had 4 sessions with Ceth and can say this modality is phenomenal and Ceth is amazing. My first session I came in crying and Ceth was so sweet and g
entle with me and really knew how to hold the space.
Please try HK with Ceth, it releases so many blocks and emotions. Since 4 weeks since meeting Ceth, I've noticed a clarity in who I am and what I want in life.

-Monica Drew (December 14th, 2021)

Holographic Kinetics changed my life. I had tried different forms and different methods to address trauma, and I had not found anything that helped me regain my sense of self and power. Holographic Kinetics was key in changing this for me. The modality focusses on the impact of the event, addresses the root cause, and clears it so it no longer affects you. This was life-saving for me, as failing to address the emotional suffering of the past can lead to cumulative damage over time, which I had felt was happening to me when I showed up at Ceth’s door.

I made a commitment to go regularly (1 to 2 times a week) until I consciously felt habitual responses to life change, as my intent was to heal on a much more all-pervasive and deep level. The initial stages of healing were subtle at first. After a few sessions I could see glimpses of a lighter and freer life, but the bigger results and security in the life changes came after about three months of commitment to this modality. My constant being on edge or on alert feeling subsided more and more every day. I feel like I can feel into things without being on guard. I feel grounded and inner calm that I have not experienced in my life to date.

Profound changes can be made in a short period of time with this work, but it is also about self-responsibility, as only you are in charge of how long you want to hold onto your issues, or how fast you want to change. Evolvement is the beauty of this work. It is not about someone else "fixing" you, but offers an opportunity to be guided to see for yourself where your issues began and changing it so it no longer affects you.

Ceth is committed to empowerment of his clients. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the modality and how it can break cycles for true transformation, but it is guided by the client so the modality becomes what you make it. Ceth can only assist you to the level you are ready to help and meet yourself. It is a liberating approach to healing. He is kind, holds space graciously and answers any questions.

I feel grateful to have been introduced to Holographic Kinetics and Ceth. My hope is everyone who feels in a ‘rock bottom’ place finds their way to Holographic Kinetics as it heals the mind, body and spirit. The combination of HK as a modality and Ceth as a practitioner can only be described as magic. Ceth is your guide on the side as you do the work. That is true empowerment. True transformation.

-Deena (April 8th, 2022)

"When I began searching for deep healing methods to break lifelong patterns and beliefs I came across Holographic Kinetics.  I contacted Ceth with questions and information about in person and surrogacy sessions. He was thorough in helping me understand the process.  The results, after the first session were subtle and became evident in the following days.  I used to be triggered by others' unhealed trauma and am no longer disturbed by them.  My constant racing thoughts were cleared as they were not my own.  In addition, I had generalized anxiety and the level went from unmanageable and frequent to non-existent.  More importantly, I genuinely feel more connected to spirit and my intuition is more clear.  I praise Ceth's work to anyone willing to listen.  He is funny, easy to talk to, and without judgement."

-Anne C. (November 7th, 2022)

Over the last year and a half, I have had semi-regular sessions of Holographic Kinetics with Ceth Ranney.

I can say affirmatively that I’ve benefitted in the following ways:


1) My overall physical health has improved, with better sleep, energy, and functionality.

2) My emotional landscape is more balanced, lighter, and I have an easier time rebalancing.

3) I have not seen the repetition of any particular issue resurface that I had previously brought to a session.


Holographic Kinetics has also taught me a lot about the nature of spirituality and the necessity of taking responsibility for my life and my experiences. Ceth’s work with the modality has helped me find my way home to my true self. Words can’t contain my gratitude. Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking to heal and balance their life.


-David Ward (November 19, 2023)

Deep and meaningful work for those who want to delve deeper into what runs us and how we can be more in control of ourselves. Feeling lighter, clearer, more hopeful and more myself :)

-Sandra L. (December 11, 2023)

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